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Simp Card (comes with 10 cards)

 ✅ Simp card meme comes to life with these Simp Cards

✅ Do you have a friend or family member that has Simp characteristics and you're trying to tell them? but don't know how? these simp cards might be for you!

✅ This hilarious gift might be an inexpensive fun light-hearted way to call out a Simp.

✅ Every penny made from this product goes to research and development of more SIMP products.

✅ Whether you have a friend that put me lady, ahead of themselves subscribes to an Only Fans, has a long-distance relationship, has stopped hanging out with the boys, is obsessed with a girl that doesn't want him, idolizes women, has no self-respect, changes his views in life depending on what women say, calls himself a nice guy, he is friend-zoned all the time and is okay with it, has no goals except pleasing women or anything related. maybe you might need to hand them one of our Simp Cards they will thank you later. 👍

Please Stop Simping Awareness Wristband

Best Simp Videos On The Internet 🪐